Southerly Stays is a vacation rental property in Roan Mountain, TN. We had a partnership already established working with the owners working on New Hope Insurance, so when they approached us to help them create the brand ecosystem for their new venture, we were stoked! We helped named their company, create the visual and brand identity, and aligned the different points of their brand experience.

An Elevated experience

Southerly Stays



The client approached us with the idea that this company would have a southern charm, and they wanted the name to symbolize something from the south. After much research and deliberation, we landed on Southerly Stays. Their name references southern hospitality values and nods at the vacation aspect of their brand with "stays."

Brand Naming

Rustic Lines

The rustic lines used throughout the design are to represent a more Southern, rustic style. This element is also used to tie the different aspects of the brand together. 

Throughout the brand and social media presence, the phrase A Southerly Stay is used to tie in the brand name and share about the experience of what it's like to stay on this property. A southerly stay reflects the hospitality of vacationing in a Southern state and everything this property has to offer.

Escaping to wander the vast beauty of the Tennessee mountains while vacationing in a cozy place that feels like home. For the Southerly Stays website, we highlighted photography immediately. The photography reflects the property and also people enjoying a stay of their own. By showcasing both, we allow future guests to envision themselves enjoying their own getaway.

Rental Listings

Through our copywriting services and photography, we created the listings on Airbnb and VRBO for all three cabins.

Client winS

Southerly Stays has been awarded Superhost status on Airbnb twice since their launch in February, 2021, and has received over 45 positive guest reviews.

*Animation video provided to Hosts by Airbnb

Airbnb Superhost

Southerly Stays has been awarded Premier Host status on VRBO and has been featured on their IG channel.

VRBO  Premiere Host Status & Feature

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