Securi is an insurance company based out of Huntersville, NC, offering coverage in auto, renters, homeowners insurance, and more. We were thrilled that they came to us to create a brand from scratch, including the naming! Securi Insurance is simplifying the process of shopping and signing up for insurance coverage, so our mission was to communicate that throughout the customer experience. We developed a complete brand ecosystem to unify all the points of the brand experience.

Simplifying the insurance process

Securi Insurance



In coming up with the company name, the client wanted the name to communicate openness, while also highlighting the security aspect of being an insurance company. Securi was created from the word security, as their main goal is to make their customers feel secure and protected while having their insurance coverage. 

Brand Naming

Brand Identity

Logo Marks

Brand Identity


We created the tagline “securing made simple” to communicate to their audience that Securi’s mission is to simplify the insurance process for their clients in all the ways that they can. This also incorporates the use of the company name “Securi” as a part of the word securing.

Brand Idenity


Physical Experiences

Print Collateral

Brand Identity


Physical Experiences


For their website, we created a user experience that would further push the concept of making insurance simple for the user. Instead of establishing brand copy that was filled with insurance jargon most people are not extremely familiar with, we kept the copy light and conversational on their site. The process of navigating this site focuses on keeping things minimal, while still provided the user with all the information they need to inquire for coverage. 

Digital Experiences

Website Design & Development

Features implemented

Bilingual website (English & Spanish)
Live chat feature

There were two major points in this web design that we wanted to focus on simplifying for the customer. First, the informational section about products offered had to be concise and easy to understand. Second, simplifying the contact form. Through our research, we found that most companies have long forms for potential customers to fill out, which can make the shopping process longer for users. 

Making Insurance Simple


Digital Experiences

Email Welcome Series & Social Media  Design

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